Alien 2012 in 3D

Those from Shadowlocked said that that the next Alien movie series will be done in 3D. Designer of Star Wars and Alien, Roger Christian, has revealed details of a conversation with director Ridley Scott, who will return in the universe alien acid blood instead to direct a prequel.

"Ridley told me some of his ideas in Toronto. Has a very clear picture on where he wants to go. They ended one of the biggest franchises horror when he had more energy to go forward. I hope to return with three films. The world certainly would "said Christian, adding that the movie will be in 3D.

Alien 2011 in 3DThe new Alien movie will be a prequel to the original Alien 1979. Scott said several times that he would return to tell the world where alien creatures were they first met and to explore how they were created. Script is being written by Jon Spaihts, the man behind Shadow 19 and Passengers.

As precise moment in history when he held his first meeting with aliens, the Empire has learned from Scott that "prequel will spend some time ago. It's pretty hard to do a timeline in Alien, but if you happen Alien towards the end of this century, the prequel takes place 30 years before that time. "

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