Prometheus 2 will be the new alien movie

That's a really good news for all alien movies fans: Prometheus 2 may happen. Director, screenwriter and Prometheus stars Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender have been this weekend at WonderCon2012 to promote the film.

New trailer for Prometheus

New trailer for new alien movie, one of the most anticipated movies of the summer. Why fans have no words after seeing this spectacular trailer. "Big things have small Beginnings" is one of the mysterious lines revealed by the latest trailer for Prometheus.

Alien 2012 Trailer Official and Cast

The cast for Alien 2012 movie (titled Prometheus) is complete and we like to share with you the actors that we will see in the new alien movie in 2012. First of all we are happy to see here the first picture from this movie.

Alien 5 by Ridley Scott after Predators

Alien 5 by Ridley Scott after Predators
If Predators have their own movie by Robert Rodriguez in 2010, why should Aliens have their own movie (expected in 2011) by Ridley Scott?

It is not enough that one of the most respected of the cinema world alien races already fell for a remake, now it seems that other species (alien) was taken in the viewfinder.

Alien Anthology Comic Con Trailer

At San Diego Comic Con have a surpise for us a trailer with Alien Anthology and we think that is the preparing for alien 5 movie and alien 6 movie. Release date for alein 5 could be in 2011 and release date for alien 6 could be in 2012.

Alien Prequel in 2011 and 2012

Famous director Ridley Scott recently talked to MTV about the "Alien prequel". "Right now we have a lot of pages with me, Alien prequel is the 4th draft. It is a work in progress, but now everything is concrete.

Alien 2012 in 3D

Those from Shadowlocked said that that the next Alien movie series will be done in 3D. Designer of Star Wars and Alien, Roger Christian, has revealed details of a conversation with director Ridley Scott, who will return in the universe alien acid blood instead to direct a prequel.
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