Prometheus 2 will be the new alien movie

That's a really good news for all alien movies fans: Prometheus 2 may happen. Director, screenwriter and Prometheus stars Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender have been this weekend at WonderCon2012 to promote the film. On this occasion, Ridley Scott, who by this sci-fi production "returned to the genre that help him to define" talked about the most interesting aspects of the film and also indicated that there is big chances that Prometheus to receive a sequel.

Prometheus 2 may be the next alien movie

What convinced the filmmaker to accept to work on Prometheus was scenario of Damon Lindelof, with its references to original Alien movies, and the story who is very good. Michael Fassbender, who plays the android role of David in the film, was also fascinated by the script: "With every page, I found something new or something mysterious. And I could not explain the reason."

As for filming in 3D, the director said that the results may appear "just great". But if digital technology now allows any filmmaker to get any effect he want, he noted that also the costs are higher in this way. And these times digital technology effects are increasingly using in the science fiction productions, competition in this area can be won only by originality.

Ridley Scott Talks PROMETHEUS 2

"There are more questions than answers in the film," the director said on the blue carpet, "so a sequel may be needed".

Prometheus will be in this case (of originality), Scott believes, due to exceptional distribution, script and stunning images. And a sequel is very possible, especially since Prometheus " at the end makes some significant questions, very important". So Prometheus 2 may be the next alien movie and who knows if we'll get another trilogy with title Prometheus.

If we remember Alien next movie was in fact announced first time as 2 movies by Damon Lindelof with release dates 2011 and 2012. "We hope the film will reach cinemas in late 2011 or no later than 2012." said Ridley at that time. Now we can suppose that Prometheus sequel may have release date in 2013 and no latter than 2014.

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  1. They must make another movie, this one for shure will be one of the best as I see from the trailer.

  2. I simply cannot wait. I must have it!


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