Alien Anthology Comic Con Trailer

At San Diego Comic Con have a surpise for us a trailer with Alien Anthology and we think that is the preparing for alien 5 movie and alien 6 movie. Release date for alein 5 could be in 2011 and release date for alien 6 could be in 2012.

We like to share with you below alien trailer Anthology presented at Comic Con at San Diego:

Other news about new alien movies 5 and 6 : For six seasons, David Lindelof has done a good job with the production and involvement in creating the Lost series and has also contributed to Star Trek script, so we wondered that has just been contacted by Ridley Scott to write a new movie Alien.

According to Deadline Hollywood Lindelof Scott met to discuss ideas for Alien prequel that it plans to Ridley Scott directing.

Agreement between the two not yet been formally completed, Lindelof will have to write a version of the script and if approved will be Alien will choose a writer.

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