Alien 2012 Trailer Official and Cast

The cast for Alien 2012 movie (titled Prometheus) is complete and we like to share with you the actors that we will see in the new alien movie in 2012. First of all we are happy to see here the first picture from this movie.

About the release date we must say that is set for 8 June 2012, filming start date was 21 March 2011 and at this time the movie is in post-production status, that mean that alien 2012 trailer will come soon. Of course the trailer will be available down here.

Alien 2012 Trailer Official

Now let's start to present the cast for Prometheus and we start with Michael Fassbender(X-Men: First Class - Magneto, Inglourious Basterds, 300) who will be the main actor and will cast as David.

For the female role was a competition between Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie for the role of Vickers and the winner is Charlize Theron (Hancock, The Italian Job, Æon Flux). Also we will see Charlize Theron in Hancock 2, Mad Max: Fury Road and with a great role in Snow White and the Huntsman as The Evil Queen.

Another important role is the role of Captain Janek who will be played by Idris Elba. Probably you remeber him for his roles in Thor as Heimdall and other great movies like: Takers, The Losers, The Unborn, American Gangster and others.

Alien 2012 Cast

Another female role is given to Noomi Rapace (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Oblivion) who will be Elizabeth Shaw.

We are happy to see in alien 2012 cast another great actors like: Guy Pearce, Sean Harris, Kate Dickie, Rafe Spall, Logan Marshall-Green, Patrick Wilson, Emun Elliott, Benedict Wong and the list could contiunue.

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